The AGSES system supports the protection and expansion of your customer relationships. With AGSES you really can be sure that a particular customer is logged on and not another person is using his token or PIN/password.

AGSES offers two essential  services to service providers:

1.) With AGSES you know your users

By biometrically unique assignment of the user to his/her AGSES Card,  you as a service provider can be sure that a particular customer logged on actually is the customer and not somebody else who the customer gave his/her login password to. 

2.) An expression of intent from someone using the AGSES card is definitely coming from that card’s owner 

Thanks to a fully encrypted transaction signature that only the AGSES Card owner will be able to see on their personal  AGSES Card, they can validate data of a  transaction and confirm it to you  – the service provider. Thisconfirmation definitely comes from that particular AGSES Card owner, as nobody else would be able to decrypt it .

This information enables the creation of high quality services

  • Make content available only to certain users and exclude unauthorized users (e.g. knowledge bases, online journals, research papers, closed forums, etc.)
  • Secure and sign communication or allow communication only between specific users.
  • Sign contracts, make purchases, secure transactions of any kind, etc.