The AGSES system helps you protect the data and communications within your enterprise at the highest level. With AGSES you can finally be sure that a particular employee is really the person and not another person using their token or PIN/password.

  • AGSES offers biometric security

    During the 3-factor-authentication the AGSES card checks its digital ID against the biometrics of a physical person. This establishes a clear and secure connection between an anonymous ID and a person. The stringency of authentication and the security level may be defined by the company itself by determining how many fingerprints (1, 2 or 3) a user has to enter in order to be clearly authenticated. Additional security measures are also possible of course.

  • AGSES protects your information

    Depending on the security requirements, access on different security levels for different employees or corporate resources can be controlled easily and safely. AGSES protects the most important resource in business – information!

  • AGSES helps you with privacy protection

    With many other biometric solutions, there is always the question of where and how the biometric data of each employee is stored and how to prevent it from being stolen or tampered with. This problem does not apply to the AGSES system because a particular employee’s biometric data is stored only on their personal AGSES Card and nowhere else.

  • AGSES pays off

    Ordinary single sign-on logins can be easily replaced by the AGSES authentication system without having to invest in infrastructure interfaces such as card readers or other systems. The AGSES card can be used anywhere where a suitable screen or terminal is available. Depending on the application and requirements, there are several integration options and possibilities to make use of the AGSES system.