Your personal myAGSES – SERVICES

The AGSES CARD comes bundled with some basic services called myAGSES SERVICES. These myAGSES SERVICES should help you in your daily digital life and can be the digital bodyguard for you, your documents, passwords and messages.

Important: To use myAGSES SERVICES you will need an AGSES CARD and must have gone through the PERSONALIZATION process already.

myAgses – Services

Password Manager

The myAGSES Password Manager manages your usernames and passwords for web sites and online services. Thanks to AGSES you do not need to remember numerous long passwords anymore.

The myAGSES Password Manager stores your login credentials encrypted multiple times in a safe place that is accessible only by the use of your AGSES Card and your fingerprints.
The Password Manager is web-based and can therefore be used with any standard browser and any device with an appropriately sized display (e.g. larger smartphones like the iPhone).

Secure File Vault

The myAGSES Secure File Vault enables the secure storage and management of different types of files and documents (e.g. texts, images, MS-Office files).

All files are encrypted using a highly secure encryption algorithm and are stored in several pieces on various AGSES servers (cloud). Using the AGSES file system, they can be organized by and shared between different employees.

Today’s modern technologies and cloud computing make traditional password-protected systems even more vulnerable to attacks aimed at obtaining passwords.

AGSES is based on biometric authentication and is therefore invulnerable to such brute force attacks.

Secure File Transfer

myAGSES Secure File Transfer allows for the quick, convenient and secure exchange of documents and digital information.

Protect your intellectual property during the transmission of information via the internet, increase business productivity and reduce costs.

When sending a document, you determine the recipient of the secure file, how many times the file can be downloaded and the date until which the file should be available for download.
Data is transmitted only through myAGSES SSL-encrypted connections for which every user has to login with his/her AGSES Card, therefore ensuring the highest level of security.

There are many systems that do not encrypt the information they store. AGSES encrypts all data and documents multiple times in order to ensure a maximum level of safety.

Secure Messaging

The AGSES Secure Messaging service allows for the safe transmission of confidential messages between business partners and employees. Biometric authentication prevents the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.

Unlike traditional e-mail systems, myAGSES enables the simultaneous communication between two or more persons and offers the highest
possible level of security combined with an easy to use interface.

Since only authenticated users have access to the secure messaging service of myAGSES no spam messages are possible.