AGSES – based on your business & organization

  • AGSES meets to your needs. In fact you don’t have to integrate AGSES to use AGSES for your services; AGSES integrates itself to your surroundings and infrastructure. You define the requirements and AGSES has a dedicated solution for it. AGSES is also easilyy and flexibly integrated.
  • AGSES protects the infrastructure of companies. Instead of coping with login via with passwords/login or two-factor tokens or elaborating for a long time on enrolment of some PKI solutions, you can protect your company’s infrastructure with AGSES easily against unauthorized access. AGSES provides a psychological protection against internal misuse too – you can´t prevent that employees sidelining data, but now you´ll know who did it.
  • AGSES opens new possibilities for your customer relations. AGSES not only fits perfectly your company´s infrastructure, but also helps to expand, tighten and protect your customer relations. Provide your customers the maximum amount of security and profit in the same way, no matter if it is banks, insurance companies, merchants, universities or authorities.
  • AGSES can be used for very many things AGSES is not limited to one service. AGSES can be used very flexibly.
  • Logical access AGSES allows access to any sorts of systems, whether online or offline, whether ovia corporate networks, VPNs or the internet.
  • Physical access AGSES permits not only a secure access to electronic information but can also be linked to entrance control systems, e.g. operating the door release mechanism for a specific AGSES Card owner.
AGSES is easy in integration

Depending on the purpose for which you use AGSES, there are different integration options available.

  • into a web- based service means, for example a 10 rows code on your service portal, and for intranet solutions.
  • your company’s infrastructure can be accessed through a superior AGSES authentication server
  • a VPN environment can be established through an AGSES VPN client.
  • can be adapted according to your wishes and requirements

with many options already available as a standard.

Savings through AGSES

In this instance we don´t want to talk about amounts of loss caused by data theft what you can avoid by using AGSES, but about direct savings you have with AGSES – a short overview:

  • Direct savings with AGSES
    The usage of AGSES in your organization means,that not only the adaption and the integration result in lower costs compared to usual solutions, but also in operation the AGSES solution brings savings by the administration of employees/users. Additionally, the users have only one device for many different access systems – for computer, for entrances/doors, to other resources…
  • Low TCO (total costs of ownership)
    If we add it all up – costs of purchase, implementation costs and costs of ongoing operations, AGSES doesn’t have a likelihood of comparison with conventional solutions; and at the same time you get an open and expandable system which will grow with the requirements of your company.
Triggered security – upwards and downwards

AGSES provides a three-factor authentication on a very high biometric level. These three factors are not always necessary or reasonable – with AGSES you can set required factors as services provider by yourself and vary them – according to the user, to the type and location of access requests, to the time and situation (crisis).

Downwards you can do without some factors (e.g. the card alone is enough).
And also upwards there is an open scope. You can demand not only one but all three fingerprints, the user made the personalization with. And you can add other factors, independent from the AGSES system, as well.

  • Factors and the solution

    0 Everybody gets access, no authentication

    1 The AGSES card alone is enough (owning the card is enough)

    2 The AGSES card + a password (which is shown on the card, without having to authenticate yourself with your fingers on your AGSES card)

    3 The AGSES card + one fingerprint + a password (which is shown on the AGSES card after the owner of the card has authenticated him-/herself with one finger)

    3+ The AGSES card + 2-3 fingerprints + a password (which is shown on the AGSES card after the owner of the card has authenticated him-/herself with theirs fingers)

    3n The AGSES card + 1-3 fingerprints + a password (which is shown on the AGSES card after the owner of the card has authenticated him-/herself with their fingers) + further AGSES independent factors

  • AGSES brings security (back) The internet offers to service providers a variety of options and simplifications in customer relations. Unfortunately, these service providers and their customers are facing a number of security-problems and no one really wants to claim responsibility. It is the customer who must take care of proper storage of their access codes, authentication codes, their PINs and TANs – to an extent that there the customer will ask why they should use online channels at all, if it is themselves who are solely responsible for everything? On the other hand, service providers cannot be in control of everything, as there are a lot of aspects that are not in their area of influence.
  • AGSES – others solutions to this dilemma With AGSES both sides can take responsibility. For example, a statement of will from the customer is definitive and cannot be passed over. In turn, the customer can be sure, that their request was handed over securely. Hence, with this mutual knowledge, both customers and service providers can take responsibilities in a risk free online environment, as former insecurities are eliminated.
  • Establishing trust through security New approaches to customer relations and the design of contracts. Especially after the financial crisis, the financial institutions were facing a loss of trust that has not yet been atoned for.
  • Create new services with AGSES AGSES opens new options to service providers for designing new services. Because AGSES is very flexible in its use and can be adapted according to your needs, there are no limits to your imagination.
  • Develop new services for private banking, online banking, telecommunications, insurance companies, the internet and external communication, process control, protecting documents or document exchange, gaming and gambling…
  • or talk to us – we would be happy to assist you Enhancing the security level of your existing services is also possible with AGSES, e.g. if legislation demands an appropriate high-level authentication of customers.