AGSES protects you

For you and the service providers (e.g. bank, online banking), is clear that you are the right Mr. JOHN DOE, because e.g. the bank has checked your document (pass/ ID card) data and so established a connection between you as person, your AGSES card number and your bank account. This brings in connection with AGSES an extremely high level of security both for you and for the service provider that you wouldn’t have otherwise. This relation is known only to the service provider and you and independent from the AGSES-authentication. AGSES protects your:

  • Detachment of service and authentication The authentication with AGSES removes from every connection the social status of the person, which is not necessary information. The AGSES system only checkes that the owner of the card number is acting, as the AGSES card owner need not be known by AGSES, it is only required by the service provider.
  • A further protection for your privacy is ensured through the fact that you’ll never give your biometrical data to a third party, only you have it. During the personalization of your AGSES card you establish a connection between you and the card by teaching the card your fingerprints. Your fingerprints will be stored in your AGSES card cryptographically secured and can never be read out never again – neither from you or from a third party! By using your AGSES card your fingerprint will be compared with the stored fingerprints, and you´ll be “recognized” from the card. So only you can read the information on the AGSES card´s display.
  • Your fingerprints stay in your AGSES card This is called user controlled biometrics. You have the control over your biometrics with your AGSES card and don´t have to rely on others handling your fingerprints with care! (Do you actually know where else your fingerprint templates are stored besides in your passport?)
  • AGSES protects your identity in your digital life Day after day you read about identity theft. Misuse of credit card data, password/login, accounts, social medias/networks etc. is common – who hasn’t received e-mails from a “pretended” bank, authorities, companies with the goal accessing your passwords? How often do you read in newspapers about data being stolen from companies´ severs? Losses of millions and still everybody believes, it only happens to others. But with the way we handle our data today (just think of social networks), it can happen to everybody.
  • The AGSES system provides secure protection against identity theft, because nobody but you can operate with your card. The AGSES card cannot work without your fingers and is thus useless for others.
  • AGSES is no one-way road AGSES protects not only the service provider – and in this way you as a customer from this service provider; think of credit card fraud – that they can trust somebody who is pretending to be you, but it also protects you by showing that you´re on the right service. The logo of the service provider appears on the display of the AGSES card.
  • AGSES protects your money The identity theft poses not only the problem that third persons are pretending to be you and e.g. have access to your company’s data or your bank account, but with your data, frauds causing you direct financial damage or damage to your business partners are also possible.
  • The AGSES system provides you secure protection for your transactions, because now really only you can operate your card and only the information about the transaction is shown only to you on the display of your AGSES card.
  • AGSES returns security to financial and business transactions AGSES protects you and the service provider against the threat, that money is transferred from your account or that third persons order from the internet on your invoice, that money is withdrawn with your ATM card, etc. – this list of such examples is endless.
  • AGSES protects your rights and your intellectual property Protection of online databases, intranet solutions, wikis, etc. Access to the services you provide is often insufficient. Most online systems and also intranet solutions are only protected with password/login, where you as provider would never know,who else in fact has access to the services – the one who also pays the bill or others too?
  • Protect the services you provide and all its users with AGSES, so that ONLY AUTHORIZED PERSONS have access/ can communicate with each other. Make sure that ONLY AUTHORIZED PERSONS can download data/information.
  • Protection for academic articles or electronic media AGSES protects your intellectual property. With the integration of AGSES you have the possibility to make sure in a very easy and uncomplicated way and in a very short time that your information ends up only where you would like it to. Third parties will be excluded.