Take the first steps with your AGSES Card

Thank you for choosing AGSES!

The card in your hands is a masterpiece of engineering combining premium quality with high security standards. Its purpose is to make your life easier and  to help in securing your data, communication and transactions both in your private and business life.

You should always carry your card with you so you can benefit from AGSES at any time, in any place.  The use of the AGSES Card is not restricted to a particular type of device (e.g. computers, smartphones), as long as a keyboard and a screen are provided.

Have fun with AGSES!

In the AGSES package you will find the AGSES Card, a protective slide cover, and a USB charging cable.
The cover of the AGSES Card can be removed by simply sliding it downwards. It can be put back on the card by pushing it up against the card. The USB cable has the sole purpose of charging the card, no data will be transferred.
Get accustomed to the components of your AGSES Card. You have a high-tech product in your hands which could not be simpler to use.

The AGSES Card complies with the highest security standards and is your secure interface to your digital life. Please handle your AGSES Card with care and if you are not working with it, use the cover. In doing so you protect your card against scratches and dirt making sure it is always ready for use and as undamaged as it was on the day you bought it.
To switch the card on or off, press the on/off button for at least two seconds.

Please check the battery status indicator frequently – if a low battery alert (battery symbol) is displayed after turning on your card, please charge your AGSES Card.
You can charge the card with the provided USB cable or any other standard micro USB cable. Just connect it to the USB port of any device like a computer or charger. Charging fully the battery takes about two hours.

Approximately 200-300 authentications processes can be performed- on a single charge, so you will rarely have to recharge your card. There will be enough energy stored to perform a few authentication process even when the low-battery warning appears.
Don’t have an AGSES Card yet?