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In order to use your AGSES Card, you have to initially store your fingerprints on the card in a one-time process which can only be done once per card, basically you get “married” to your card.
This process is called personalization and has to be done only once in the card’s lifetime. By establishing this connection/personalization you acquaint the card with your fingerprints. The data from your fingerprints is now safely encrypted on the card.

(One-time process, 3-9 minutes duration)
Please take your AGSES CARD and watch this video tutorial carefully. You can pause or rewind the film at any time. If you are not satisfied with your personalization attempt, you can reset your card and start again from the beginning – as long as you have not completed the personalization! For the personalization please select three fingers and remember which fingers you chose. The image below shows the three fingers we recommend, however you can use any fingers you prefer.

If you have already registered your fingerprints with the card but not yet completed the personalization (which means you haven’t read any flicker messages yet), you can restart the personalization process by pushing and holding the on/off button for more than five seconds , and then turning the card on again.

In order to complete the personalization process, login to any service that can be accesed by your AGSES Card. The myAGSES.com service can be accessed at anytimne, anywhere simply by directly entering your card number on its homepage (next to the logo in the upper-left corner) or using the URL https://www.myagses.com. Enter your card’s serial number and press the enter key, or click on the check sign. Decrypt the flickering with your card and confirm with two different fingers you have previously chosen during the personalization process. Congratulations – you have done it! Welcome to the secure world of AGSES!