AGSES-Authentication-Infrastructure The AGSES-Authentication-Infrastructure is the complete server platform of AGSES that amongst others consists of the AGSES-CM and the AGSES-SM.
AGSES-Card The AGSES-Card is a token with an optical interface that reads encrypted messages directly from the screen of a device with internet access (flicker code). It authenticates an authorized User via implemented fingerprint-reader.
AGSES-Card-User AGSES-Card-User is the person that personalizes the AGSES-Card with his biometric data. That means that the AGSES-Card-User can be the Customer himself or a person, whom it was given by the Customer in order to personalize it.
AGSES-Credential Manager; AGSES-CM The AGSES-Credential Manager (CM) opens secure communication channels between the AGSES-Card and a Service Provider.
AGSES-Security Manager; AGSES-SM The AGSES-Security Manager (SM) is a software platform that maintains the AGSES-Cards and communicates with them. The AGSES-SM receives application requests from the Authentication Authority of the Service Provider and sends the corresponding answers via the same communication channel back.
Authentication Authority; AA The Authentication Authority (AA) is the IT-Operator of the Service Provider.
Customer Customer is every person that orders a product or service from AGSES no matter if the person uses the product or service by himself or if he transfers it to own customers. In case that the customer transfers products of AGSES to own customers, he is also called Reseller.
Flicker-Code-Generator (FCG) The Flicker-Code-Generator (FCG) contains a couple of systems that the Service Provider has to install on his infrastructure. The Generator converts the content of an encrypted message from the AGSES-SM into a so called Flicker-Code that is decrypted by the AGSES-Card afterwards and that can be shown to the AGSES-Card-User for Authentication.
Goods Goods mean all Products that AGSES offers in its Products/Services Catalogue. Goods and Products shall be understood as synonyms in connection with these General Terms and Conditions as well as every contract, agreement or order of AGSES.
Integrations-Link (IL) The Integrations-Link serves as interface between the AGSES-SM and the infrastructure of the Service Provider. The Service Provider can integrate the AGSES services via the IL into own applications and services.
Personalization Personalization means the activation of the AGSES-Card with the fingerprints of the AGSES-Card-User. A once finished personalization of the AGSES-Card cannot be canceled.
Photographical Signature A Photographical Signature is – depending on context – either the logo of AGSES or the logo of the Service Provider that is shown on the AGSES-Card and that clearly identifies the Authentication Authority that is used by the respective Service Provider for the AGSES-Card-User. The Photographical Signature is always related to a special Authentication Authority.
Service Provider Service Provider is every Customer that uses the AGSES-Authentication-Technology for his own services. (For example: bank institutes, online shops etc.)
Software Software means any software that is offered by AGSES, disregarding if the software was developed by AGSES or by third persons (e.g. freeware, shareware, open source etc.)