The AGSES Technology

The AGSES technology was designed with the objective of making the digital lives of users more secure but also a lot easier.
More secure – with the AGSES technology, services can only be used by persons who are in fact authorized to use these services.
Easier – the AGSES technology allows for the use of a multitude of services with only one device.

The AGSES Card plays a decisive role in the AGSES system – it is the card that unambiguously identifies a user towards a service. The identification is based on the user’s biometric data which is exclusively under their control.

The AGSES Card is used both for access / entry to systems and services (also called authentication) but it may also be used as a means to convey a definite and forge-proof expression of its owner’s will (also called transaction signature). Service providers can easily implement the AGSES technology as an authentication system into their existing environment without the need to carry out considerable adjustments.

The AGSES Card user can use their card and the offered AGSES authentication services from any place that has an infrastructure allowing a connection to the service. Using the example of internet banking, this could be a smartphone with a web browser and a display size similar to that of the AGSES Card , because …

… the AGSES Card and the service provider’s portal communicate via light signals, the so-called “flickering”.