The AGSES Card

The user has an AGSES Card which has a unique digital identity based on his card number. A one-time personalization process of the AGSES Card stores all critical information such as biometric data directly on the card, so it can clearly be assigned to the identity of its user. This process is performed only once in a card’s lifetime.

Biometric information is stored only on the AGSES Card and it cannot be read or copied otherwise. There is no storage or transmission of biometric data in central databases. This ensures an absolutely reliable protection of sensitive data and guarantees the compliance with legal requirements on data protection. The owner of the AGSES Card is in full control of his/her biometric data which is encrypted and cannot be read electronically.

Mobility and flexibility
The biometrically secured AGSES Card ensures the safe access to resources and services (physical and logical). The utilization of the AGSES Card is not restricted to specific systems, but the card be used to access various services (service dependent) worldwide from any computer.

Identity management
The biometrically secured AGSES Card allows its owner to access up to 112 completely separate authentication points (also called Authentication Authorities), with an Authentication Authority being able to offer multiple services. The actual identity of the user is only known to their service provider (in case the provider demands it).